Zwoop ICO: Now Use AI For Your Shopping Needs

Shopping is one of the most confusing things for most of us. To make the whole process easier, Zwoop plans to introduce AI technology which would assist users when they are shopping online.

Zwoop had announced that there would be a pre-sale which will start on 28th August this year. The pre-sale will be there till the time ICO starts and will be active till 25th of September. The platform hopes that it will raise about $20 million as the investors will be receiving ZWP tokens in the exchange. Tokens can be used in the platform for purchasing of the online marketplace. The aim of the company is to use both blockchain technology and AI for eliminating the need to depend on multiple websites and other online shopping portals to get the best prices.

Zwoop Platform will help every user to search the product which is uploaded by any user across the world. They would have access to the availability of the product which is available and also their best price. Users will be able to purchase the items directly on the website without going to the website of a separate retailer.

Zwoop company started in April 2016 and was a result of five partners who worked in technology. The AI provides the best result of the years of work, as the workers have spent 130,000 hours coding and have more than 40 software engineers. The platform has Testnet in the UK, even though the public will have access to the ICO from the start of next month.

Innovation which sets this platform apart from other is the fact that users can use cryptocurrency for carrying out transactions. According to the report published in the Bitcoin Exchange Guide, one part of the program is about to launch in the fourth quarter of this year.

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