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Zebi Initiate India’s Premiere Blockchain-Based Platform In Education Sector

Blockchain technology is finally coming out of the cryptocurrency niche and is stepping into other domains. One such initiative is taken by Hyderabad-based blockchain organization Zebi Data India Pvt. Ltd. It has launched a newly developed platform dubbed as Zebi EduChain, India’s first encryption based solution for the education sector. The main objective of this initiative is to store a large number of educational records in the most efficient and secure way.

According to The Week, it is mentioned that Zebi Data is a startup which holds expertise in blockchain based solutions for various industry sectors. It is further stated that determining the authenticity educational certificates of a candidate is challenging at times for recruiters and institutes which will be solved with the help of blockchain. This technology is quite efficient in handling huge data plus it works on a decentralized platform which makes it very secure. No data can be tampered or manipulated in this kind of system as it can be monitored from anywhere.

Zebi Founder and CEO, Babu Munagala stated that all the educational institutes joined in the platform will be able to control their data independently. He further added that the clients will obtain requests from stakeholders for data verification or certificates issued by them. This will be done and authenticated after going through their database.

More Updates On Blockchain-Based System Of Zebi EduChain

Zebi EduChain seems like a unique and innovative idea which has started to attracted eminent clients of the education sector. Their one of the first clients is the International Institute of Information Technology – Basar (IIIT Basar) which will deploy this blockchain-based system. The institute will implement this system to verify the educational certificates and requests from the third parties or external agencies for authentication.

Zebi EduChain has recently signed its memorandum of understanding (MoU) with IIIT (Basar) at the recently held International Blockchain Congress, Hyderabad. This marks the beginning of the project and a new domain which will create a revolution in the education sector.



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