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Yamzu, Swedish Gaming Platform To Lauch ICO

Yamzu, Swedish gaming platform has recently announced that it would be launching its own ICO, implementing its blockchain technology from July onwards.

Considering the kind of benefits and opportunities to the Blockchain presents to gamers, this decision is sure something which will please the users of the site.

Smart contracts have become a big game changer in the industry of esports, widely popular with the players. Considering the fact that these are way more secure and easy to avail compared with the normal way.

Even the founder of the Yamzu, Asaid Majeed has stated this would be a big direction in the future of the gaming companies and can be a big advantage for the gamers. The security will be offered by these contracts will make sure that there are no foul practices and will anchor the ownership of the digital assets. Getting smart contracts is something which has become an absolute necessity for the security and the safety of the users.

According to reports published in Esports Insuder Yamzu, which was launched in the year 2016, has seen a positive growing trend with more than 10K active users playing games on the platform. Games such as CS: GO, League of Legends are some of the top choices which are played on the site.

Owner of the site Majed also stated that gamers liked playing with them as they are also gamers. They understand what exactly is needed by the industry and are ready to make the changes if required. He believes that he offers something which is very unique and ahead of what others are offering.

One of the biggest reasons for the growth of Yamzu is their freedom to play, and free to host a tournament, it has seen the gamer joining the community in huge number for the last two years. The next aim of the company is the growth of the number of users, even more with an introduction of new games on the website.

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