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Xunlei And People Capital Technologies To Establish Laboratory Services For Blockchain Studies

Xunlei and People Capital Technologies are now planning to establish laboratory services for blockchain studies. The announcement was made by the General Manager of People Capital, Mr. Zhao Yahui and CEO of Xunlei and OneThing Technologies Mr. Lei Chen. Both of them stated that together they will establish a blockchain foundational technology innovation laboratory which will be a part of the Blockchain Research Institute of People’s Capital, the venture and investment capital arm of People’s Daily Online.

Through this partnership, the two companies wish to promote blockchain innovation and empower the economy using blockchain applications. Both the companies will jointly explore blockchain as the foundational technology and the way it can be applied in different scenarios.

As a part of the joint venture, the two companies will build a high-level industrial service platform for organizing offline activities such as industry seminars, workshops, and application competitions. Both Xunlei and People Capital are using this platform to facilitate the sharing of information, promote innovation and also identify potential startup companies in the blockchain field.

People’s Daily Online stated that the laboratory services offered by its Blockchain Research Institute will provide a research platform for exploring blockchain technology. Both People Capital and Xunlei are thinking of leveraging the respective strengths of each of them and work closely for boosting innovation, promotion, and adoption of the blockchain reported Business Wire.

During his keynote speech at the ceremony, Mr. Chen stated that Xunlei will continue its focus on the research and development of blockchain and related technologies. He further added that his company is dedicated to developing a mainnet ecosystem for blockchain startups and developers, ThunderChain.  Also called the “BitTorrent of China” Xunlei Limited first started off as a cloud computing company before shifting to blockchain technology industry, reported CCN.

As per the source, the Alliance for the establishment of laboratory services between the two companies was signed on June 22 this year at the China-US Entrepreneur and Investment Summit. The event was hosted in the United States by People’s Daily Online.

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