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Xerox’s Patented Blockchain Solution With Tamper-Proof Feature Supports Criminal Investigation

Xerox recently patented a decentralized blockchain solution with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO). The patent meant for auditing electronic files comes with tamper-proof features and can support criminal investigation in the long run. Xerox is a big company synonymous to digital copying and printing appliances.

The company filed for this patent first in August last year. According to the filing, the patent prescribes a system based on blockchain technology that can secure revisions recorded to the electronic documents. Importantly, this technology from Xerox will detect whether there have been any alterations in the file and even whether there have been any changes in its history.

This decentralized verification mechanism makes the data resistant to tampering. According to the company, the technology comprises of a series of blockchain nodes that either approves or dismisses the each suggested amendment. In the case a specific node fails to approve a particular document or content because it differs from the already existing verified version, the management network will immediately alert the users.

According to the giant company in the printing field, the newly patented blockchain solution-based technology can be used effectively for auditing electronic files in multiple domains including financial records, medical records, educational documents, and tax papers.

The filing specifically mentions that the tamper-resistant feature of the patent will help to protect the criminal investigation records including DNA test results, crime scene photos, and interview notes from tampering and alterations, reported Cointelegraph. The company filed for a similar patent almost two years ago with the aim to build a timestamp protocol based on blockchain for data such as pictures and copies.

The patent filing states that the company was aiming to use blockchain solution to create marks that are irrevocable and could be submitted in the court in the form of evidence, reported BTC Wires.

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