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World’s Major Cryptocurrency Exchange OKEx Launches New Creation Program

OKEx one of biggest cryptocurrency exchange in the world has announced a new programme. This new exchange operative format is known as Digital Asset Exchange Open Partnership Program. This idea intends to rope in individuals and organizations who take a keen interest in setting up their own exchange. OKEx is aiming to nurture the upcoming generation of the digital asset.

According to Finance Magnates, for the formation of new cryptocurrency exchange, the participants will have to submit nomenclature for domain, logo, and information of their operating team. They are advised to have adequate industry know-how, pursuit of service brilliance, and strong business control.

However, the requirement doesn’t end there the parties will have to give a deposit of $2.5 million. This amount is equivalent to 500,000 OKB tokens in the digital currency. After fulfilling all the required steps the system becomes accessible to the operators. It gets connected to traders, customer assistance, crypto storage system (online and offline) and OKEx platform which facilitates money transfer.

How Will OKEx Help In Developing Cryptocurrency?

It is alleged that this will encourage the parties to come up in larger number for operating their own cryptocurrency exchange. OKEx will open the first 100 slots very soon sometime in the next month. No official dates have been unveiled so far yet. They announced that the new program is based on the model of decentralization. In addition to this, the exchange believes that this is a revolutionary idea in the field of blockchain which will encourage the developer to come up with more exciting ideas.

Earlier this year OKEx released one more program which gets to high profile investors in the crypto system. Also, the team approaches them with high-end blockchain integrated projects which have been given clearance by investment branch by OKEx. It is said to be one of the busiest exchanges in the world which handles around transactions of worth $1 billion.




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