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World’s First Consumer App My31 Introduced On IBM Blockchain Platform

IBM blockchain platform has been working on several innovative projects across various domains. With the increasing number of internet users across the world, the need for data transparency has become a prime concern. Online businesses have taken over the control of the personal data which are being sold to the advertising companies for studying user behavior for commercial practices. A blockchain startup Hu-manity has launched a platform to leverage this issue and change the set pattern.

According to Crypto News, it is stated that Hu-manity announced the launch of their Android App, My31 recently which is developed by IBM blockchain platform. This app will give a user the property right of their private information and to have control over sharing. However, the app does not store any wellbeing information but it intends to authorize users to maintain property rights to their stored data. It has been launched on both Android and iOS platforms.

The name of the app has been derived from the fundamental presumption that proprietorship of information is a human right. The UN’s Declaration of Human Rights describes 30 fundamental standards and the Hu-manity intends to explore the 31st human right in the form of their app My31.

Founder and CEO at Hu-manity, Richie Etwaru stated that by forming a global consent ledger on IBM blockchain platform the human data can be maintained. The users will get an enhanced level of security, control, and privacy while companies will get a lawful benefit to access data with due consent and authorization of the user.

Hu-manity And IBM Blockchain Platform

The key properties of IBM blockchain will help to establish a transparent and theft proof network of information. There will be an established network between organizations and individuals to share information in the form of huge data blocks. Also, Hu-manity’s global consent ledger includes advanced data encryption and Artificial Intelligence along with blockchain. (Via Coin Speaker)

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