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Wipro Allies With Blockchain in Transport Alliance To Expand Transport Industry

Wipro Limited has joined the Blockchain in Transport Alliance (BiTA) to lead the development of blockchain guidelines and drive blockchain adoption in the transportation business.

BiTA is an industry group committed to building up blockchain standards for the freight business. It was formed by experienced innovation and transportation experts. They will make a forum for the development of blockchain standards and training for the freight business.

The forum gives a platform to develop and grasp common systems and standards. Utilizing this platform industry members can build innovative blockchain applications.

Wipro wants to utilize this platform to help ideate platform-agnostic blockchain standards for the logistics and transportation industry.

Craig Fuller, Managing Director of BiTA stated, “We are eager to welcome Wipro to the Blockchain in Transport Alliance. Our aim is to unite leading companies working in the freight technology industry that are interested in the development of blockchain technology.

BiTA looks forward to working intimately with Wipro’s blockchain specialists to drive enterprise scale blockchain adoption for global transportation associations. They specifically focus on use cases such as supply chain traceability, trade finance, provenance, fraud detection and compliance management.

Inferable from Wipro’s strong domain and innovation skill, and dedicated focus on the blockchain, BiTA look forward to its support and commitment to define, outline and develop a blockchain standards definition for the transportation business.

As reported by Supply Chain Digital, Srini Pallia, President, Consumer Business Unit, Wipro Limited stated that their participation with BiTA is reflective of their promise to be an indispensable part of the blockchain-driven transformation in the transportation business. They will team up with BiTA and their clients to adopt a business use-case strategy. And will use blockchain to solve complex new-age logistics and transportation issues.

Wipro also looks forward to actively contributing to the standards for the utilization of blockchain in the transportation and logistics industry. They will work closely with global clients to bring these standards to action in their blockchain travel.

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