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Will John McAfee’s Net Worth Be Affected By His Physical Cryptocoin Launch In 2018?

John McAfee, cybersecurity pioneer (McAfee company) and initial coin offering (ICO) promoter is all set to launch a physical cryptocurrency called the “McAfee Redemption Unit” (MRU). With the launch of the new currency, the net worth of John McAfee in 2018 is sure to increase in leaps and bounds.

MRU currency was announced first on Twitter and later confirmed by McAfee in a subsequent interview. John McAfee’s physical notes will be made available in seven denominations from between 1 to 500 MRUs. Four of the notes feature pictures of McAfee in various stage of undress, (one of them is a screenshot from this video). The other three notes show pictures of Bitcoin.com owner and cash promoter Roger Ver, Bitmain founder Jihan Wu, and cryptocurrency entrepreneur Brock Pierce. We are not yet sure if these people had given consent to be featured on the MRU notes.

McAfee Redemption Unit will have a blockchain component as well and this will enable MRU holders to change the notes back into fiat (for a fee of course) by giving them back to the MRU Foundation.

Each MRU’s initial face value is $9.95 which can be redeemed if you meet McAfee in person for just a minute. 341,000 MRU notes of different denominations have reportedly been printed, with a total circulation of 6,050,000 MRU apart from an implied market cap of $60.2 million.

McAfee’s Net Worth in 2018

John McAfee is a highly influential figure in the crypto world. In fact, his mere mention or a positive comment from his official Twitter account benefits specific coins in the industry. Rumors are abuzz that McAfee has made changes in the industry of more than 100,000 USD.

McAfee ‘s net worth in 2007 was $100 million but it dropped drastically in the global financial crisis of 2007. His net worth in 2018 is sure to increase considering that his new currency will be launched in less than 22 days.

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