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Will Cryptocurrency ATM Market Rise By 2024?

The Cryptocurrency ATM market is expected to reach US$183.779 million by 2024. In 2018, it was US$18.513 million. A report called the “Crypto ATM Market – Forecasts from 2019 to 2024” which has been included to which is the World’s largest market research resource.

The European region and the North American generated a huge market share due to this technology adoption at the early stage. The huge market share was also due to major market players in the region.

The examination of those market trends which are related to recent development and sales is done with the help of the primary research study. Industry policies and regulations can be implemented geographically and this study shows that detailed information which is related to the industry policies and regulations. This study covers major drivers, restraints, and opportunities for providing a comprehensive market picture. It also covers a complete market regulatory framework for uncovering those factors which are hindering the complete market environment.

The secondary research study indicates the major market players. It also indicates revenues contributions of the major market players to the complete business. Some of the major market players are Genesis Coin, Inc., General Bytes, Lamassu, Inc., Bitaccess, Coinsource, Covault, and Mainstreet Automaten GmbH.

Customers can use a cryptocurrency ATM to exchange cryptocurrency for cash. The crypto ATM is a kiosk. It is stated that the growing cryptocurrency popularity and the growing crypto ATM installations in the hospitality industry will lead to global ATM demand. Whereas the growing cryptocurrency popularity and the growing disposable income will lead to the Asia Pacific region’s ATM demand, PR Newswire reported.

Genesis Coin, Inc is a crypto ATM company who sells two models viz., the Genesis 1 two-way machine ($14,500), and the Satoshi 1 model ($6,800). The Genesis 1 machine is very big. It weighs about 400 lbs and measures 56″ tall, 30″ wide and 24″ deep. Whereas the Satoshi 1 machine is small very small. It weighs roughly 285 lbs and measures 65″ tall, 18″ wide and 23″ deep.

Lamassu, Inc., is a crypto ATM company who sells four models viz.,  Douro II ($5,897), the Sintra Forte Cryptomat ($10,094), the Sintra two-way ($8,506), and the Gaia ($4,083).

Bitaccess is a cryptocurrency ATM manufacturer who offers two models viz., the Btm C ($6,000) and the Btm SE ($8,000). The Btm C is actually an entry-level model two device. It has a 19” touchscreen. Whereas Btm SE is a high-security configuration used for those deployments which are carried out on a large scale, reported.

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Shabnam Dhar is a Copy Editor for OWLT Market.

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