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Why Universities Are Adding Blockchain Future Technology Courses?

The future technology relies on blockchain in many ways apart from its commercial use. Education sector seems to have foreseen the advantages of including blockchain and crypto courses in their curriculum to match up the skill set know-how gap which will probably widen up with time if there is a scarcity of blockchain researchers and developers in the future. Distributed ledger technology has become prevalent with a varied job market and skill set across the world. Therefore, Leading universities have joined the bandwagon to offer blockchain development courses.

About 42 percent of the leading universities of the world have begun offering blockchain and crypto courses. The students earlier seemed to be much more interested in computing and mathematics. However, there has been a significant sharp rise in the blockchain stream this year. Blockchain and cryptocurrency are nothing new for universities as they have been researching and teaching them even before they came into the mainstream of the international market. But, the official courses have begun now with a defined curriculum, durations and takeaways.

President of Blockchain at Columbia, Nir Kabessa stated that internationally reputed school such as MIT, Stanford, Columbia, and Berkeley have begun the courses and also lead in blockchain communities and labs. He also added that Columbia University slowly but steadily adding for-credit courses on the future technology blockchain. (Via Big Think)

What Attracts Universities To Blockchain Technology?

The most obvious answer to this question can be meeting the rising demands in the field of blockchain technology. According to the research done by Coinbase, it is unveiled that many universities analyzed in the report offer a minimum of one cryptography and blockchain class as mentioned by Coinbase Blog.

Another possible reason for such keen interest in the future technology blockchain can be its potential impact on society through various domains. The breakthrough research in several areas can uplift the entire structure of modern living.

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