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Why Fudan University And Concordium Foundation Create Blockchain Research Center

Fudan University is one of the most prestigious and selective universities located in Shanghai, China. This university has made a partnership with Zhongan Online Property Insurance Co., Ltd. and Shanghai Zhongren Information Technology Co., Ltd. in order to create a blockchain research center, the Shanghai Blockchain Engineering Technology Research Center with the aim to promote the development and growth of the blockchain industry.

The Swiss non-profit behind the Concordium Blockchain Network Concordium Foundation will work with Aarhus University’s Department of Computer Science in order to create the Concordium Blockchain Research Center. The main purpose of this center is to support the development of energy-efficient and scalable blockchains.

The leader of the Concordium Blockchain Research Center Professor Jesper Buus Nielsen said, “The foundation of the blockchain revolution has so far largely been built on sand. The next generation of blockchain will have to be built on science to ensure a solid foundation of the space. At Aarhus University, we have several research groups that are world leading in the techniques that are needed to lay this foundation. They’ve gained this reputation through decades of curiosity-driven, foundational research. Our team is uniquely qualified to broadly attack the challenges standing in the way of a blockchain revolution. It would be almost criminal not to step up to the plate,” PR Blonde 2.0 reported.

This center will be funded with 10 million DKK or 1.5 million USD for the first five years. It is actually worth 50 million DKK or 7.5 million USD for a five-year period. It consists of seven principal investigators like consensus protocol efficiency, sharding, and state-flattening, KYC and AML, formal verification of smart contracts, new cryptographic techniques supporting privacy-preserving identification and better zero-knowledge techniques. Four postdoctoral researchers along with four Ph.D. students will work for this center in 2019.

The Shanghai Blockchain Engineering Technology Research Center will work on blockchain research and provide associated talent training. It will also demonstrate its blockchain-based application, Cointelegraph reported.

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Shabnam Dhar is a Copy Editor for OWLT Market.

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