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Why Electronics Company HTC Will Launch Second Generation of Its Blockchain Smartphones

HTC Corporation is a Taiwanese consumer electronics company who wants to launch the second generation of its blockchain smartphones. Expanding its blockchain ecosystem is a purpose of this launch. Increasing smartphone sales is one more purpose of this launch. The second generation is said to be launched by the end of 2019.

The first generation of its blockchain smartphones includes digital wallets and cryptocurrency transactions. Blockchain applications of the first generation will be extended to other areas (browsing, messaging and, social media) through the second generation. Communications of the blockchain applications are carried out on cloud and mainframe boards. Communications of new blockchain applications will be carried out on peer-to-peer connections.

The performance of the first generation sales has reached up-to the expectation of the company. Bitcoin (BTC) and Ethereum (ETH) users along with new crypto startups demand the product at a great extent.

The Decentralized Chief Officer at the electronics company HTC Corporation Phil Chen said, “The development of blockchain technology is still at a nascent stage, but I envision a future where the advancement of the technology will unlock tremendous commercial potential. This could be seen as analogous to the commercial value of petroleum from the 1900s onward. The benefit of blockchain lies in the accessibility to data while ensuring privacy for users.”

Phil Chen has made an announcement of planning to launch the second generation at an investment trend forum. The forum held at Taipei 101, Block Tribune reported.

A taxi service app called Uber and an accommodation booking site called Airbnb are discussed to set a bar for implementing the blockchain, DigiTimes reported.

The Taiwanese consumer electronics company HTC was established in 1997. It is a collaborative group bringing a passion for works. It isn’t only bringing the passion for the works but also finding an excitement to discover, design and develop new products. The products offer customers a wide range of innovative solutions, according to the official LinkedIn account of HTC Corporation.

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