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Why Electric Services Company Ameren Corporation Makes Partnership With Opus One

Ameren Corporation is an Electric services company who has made a partnership with a Software company called Opus One Solutions Energy Corporation. Testing a transactive energy marketplace (TEM) will be done through the partnership. The evaluation of the blockchain ledger systems usage will be done through the partnership as well. 
The marketplace will be created on an advanced utility-scale microgrid in a GridOS® platform. The platform belongs to Opus One Solutions Energy Corporation. It is created to identify those values which microgrid distributed energy resources (DERs) offer to customers.

The Senior Vice President of Operations and Technical Services with Ameren Illinois Ron Pate said, “Identifying the value local distributed energy resources (DER) can provide to our distribution system and the customers it serves, helps inform how and where customers should invest in clean renewable power. Transactive energy markets will ensure that distributed energy resources are compensated appropriately, for the services that they provide.”

The Electric services company Ameren Corporation is headquartered in St. Louis, Missouri, the United States. It provides electricity to 2.4 million customers and natural gas to 900,000 customers through its Ameren Missouri and Ameren Illinois subsidiaries.
Ameren Missouri is a union electric company of Missouri created to provide services like vertically integrated electric and natural gas distribution. It has a generating capacity of 10,200+ megawatts. Ameren Illinois subsidiaries are created to provide services like electric distribution & transmission and natural gas distribution.
Opus One Solutions Energy Corporation is a software engineering and solutions company headquartered in Toronto, Canada. It is established in 2011. Joshua Wong, the CEO of Opus One Solutions, said, “We are very pleased to be working with such an innovative partner, to unlock the value of DER for their customers. It’s very exciting to see the interest in and growth of transactive energy for both customer and utility benefit.”

Another electric services company called Ovo Energy located in Bristol, England. The company has made the announcement of an investment to an energy blockchain startup called Electron. It has made the investment through an intelligent energy unit called Kaluza. Kaluza is a subsidiary of the company. The main purpose of the money is to accelerate the development and deployment of energy platforms and systems of Electron, the official website of OVO Energy reported.

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