Why Buy Bitcoin Cash, Earn It in This Game Show

U.K. Financial expert Dominic Frisby blogged recently about launching financial game shows in the United Kingdom. He informed that the game show will present comedy an opportunity to earn Bitcoin Cash prize instead to buy Bitcoin Cash as a part of the entertainment. He hinted that he will act as a host and quizmaster in the comedy shows.

The show will comprise many remarkable financial gains. He stated that it is an opportunity for the contestants to win big cash prizes in every show of amount not less than £ 500 as well as the opportunity of winning solid silver and Bitcoin Cash prize instead of to buy Bitcoin Cash.

Other facts of the shows

Contestants who are willing to volunteers only will have the opportunity in winning big prizes including £500 in cash, solid silver and Bitcoin Cash. The game comprises higher and lower ranges for house prices and also high-pressure quiz contests with the £500 jackpot at stake, the blog added.

Bitcoin Cash prize

Sir Richard Branson praised Dominic Frisby as a reputed author on financial subjects including Bitcoin which is the Future of Money. At the same time, Dominic Frisby is a television star, hosting very popular shows on financial literacy. One of such shows is “Let’s Talk About Tax”, which is a blending both finance and humour. Frisby is “the world’s only financial expert and comedian altogether. Branson added.

Dominic Frisby’s Gameshow

Dominic Frisby has informed that his show is called Dominic Frisby’s Financial Gameshow and starts at 5 pm at the Gilded Balloon.” It’s a triumphant return of sorts, and mostly because it follows his “widely-acclaimed show,” Let’s Talk About Tax”. Only Globally famous financial expert and comedian, Dominic Frisby has devised a new game show that mixes the Price Is Right with Mastermind. It’s all about money, finance, economics but is an exciting one,” Broadway World Scotland explained.

This show received mixed global impact. The Times described the new show as “very witty… entertaining and educational… impressive,” while The Spectator quoted it as “Funny, absorbing… full of historical insights.” Mr. Frisby added that cash prizes, including Bitcoin Cash, will be donated by an anonymous sponsor.

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