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Why Blockchain Startup Vouch Selects Cameron Randolph As Chief Strategy Officer

The blockchain startup Vouch selects Cameron Randolph as their Chief Strategy Officer. The main work of Cameron is to lead sales, marketing, and branding for Vouch. He will take those responsibilities which are required to define and articulate a strategy, positioning, and uniqueness of this startup in the market.

He has more than 30 years experience in helping those companies who want to build market leadership and bringing new innovations in Customer-relationship management (CRM), digital product creation, e-commerce, mobile, web and social media. He has joined this startup from the digital design and engineering agency Mutual Mobile which is located in Austin, Texas TX. He was working as a Chief Client Officer in that agency.

Technologies such as blockchain, smart policies, smart devices can be used to create intelligent products and services and this Blockchain startup includes these technologies. These technologies can also be used to protect brands and companies and their customers.

The Chief Technology Officer at Vouch Anthony Maley said, “Cameron’s recent experience working with leading brands such as Under Armour, Purina, Humana, and Toyota to create some of the most innovative digital strategies and products we’ve seen in connected home, connected fitness and business to consumer applications is a huge win for Vouch.”

Blockchain startup Vouch is founded in 2018. It is a part of VDart Group who is an IT & Tech staffing agency in Atlanta, the United States. VDart Group includes the global digital staffing and solutions provider VDart Inc., digital transformation consultancy VDart Digital and the blockchain consultancy Ledgr, GlobeNewswire reported. Ledgr is designed to help enterprises with blockchain technology and transform customer experiences along with creating new opportunities, the official website of Ledgr reported. VDart is that global Information Technology staffing provider who is expertise in Business Intelligence (Hyperion) and Identity (OIM, Siteminder). It is also expertise in Infrastructure and Enterprise Resource Planning (Oracle Applications, SAP, and PeopleSoft). It is working with those System Integrators who are related to the Private sector and Public sector. It has already provided a few places like Canada, Mexico, UK, Australia, and the United States with global technology workforce solutions, the official website of VDart reported.

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Shabnam Dhar is a Copy Editor for OWLT Market.

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