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What Makes Surge Blockchain’s SugarPays Fintech Software Application Platform So Admirable?

Surge Blockchain recently announced that it will launch its significantly updated FinTech software application platform and portal SurgePays on December 15 this year. Surge Blockchain is the wholly-owned subsidiary of Surge Holdings, Inc. There are multiple reasons why this blockchain-based software platform from Surge is so admirable.

Its overall development has been completed on fully electronic and secure onboarding software which is why it can easily replace the tedious and time-consuming document management process. With the help of the SurgeSetup software, an individual can fill out and process multiple licenses, banking and tax forms, contractual forms. It thus facilitates same day store sign-up launches.

Importantly, this facility is quite critical for onboarding multiple stores as they support growth bursts as well as eliminate any data management or processing hurdles that are a regular part of store enrollments. The requirement for this software is very easy. All a store needs is an internet connected computer at the registration to utilize the new image-driven navigation portal.

The SugarPays software application platform is certainly a great addition to the traditional wireless and regular FinTech products’ list. But it is also a big thing for the convenience store owners who can now have the ability to utilize a simple one-click, seamless ordering from multiple wholesale categories. These include electronics, smartphones, CBD products, t-shirts, snacks, auto parts, and many more, reported GlobeNewswire.

The software will also enable the stores to select monthly auto-ship as well as take advantage of flash specials. Stores without any computer at the register can still process SurgePays 2.0 transactions on the robust and updated Verifone VX 520.

A couple of weeks ago, the company offering software application platform SugarPays announced that Surge Blockchain has completed developing the ERC-20 Surge Utility Token which will be available free to those who sign up before its official launch on December 15 2018, reported GlobeNewswire.  The Chief Technology Officer of the company, John Mott said, “The technology we’ve developed is soup to nuts, from the issuance of the reward tokens to requests for redemption to transmitting our ERC-20 token to Ethereum.”

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