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What Makes Ethereum Co-founder Vitalik Buterin So Important For Blockchain World?

Ethereum co-founder Vtialik Buterin is a big name in the blockchain world even though recently there have been some fall-outs from the groups favoring him. With the much-awaited blockchain event “Hard Fork: Decentralized” to take place in between 12 to 14 December 2018 in London, a peep into the personality of Buterin is very much called for. The event will help the crypto enthusiasts explore the decentralized future, meet leading crypto, the blockchain, and tech companies at various locations in London.

Coming to Buterin, he is known to have opened immense possibilities for the blockchain-based crypto industry. Even the ever-so-renowned “Star Trek” series Captain Kirk aka William Shatner also seems to be a big fan of the Ethereum co-founder. There are so many things that make Buterin so important. And some of the few were highlighted by none other than the CEO of ShapeShift Eric Vorhees.

While discussing blockchain and the hype surrounded to it in an interview Vorhees stated that in the normal social media, there are lots of hype but very few people get to see what is real. When actually a person comes to an event, he can see a thousand super talented people who work together and coolly solve the problems.

Vorhees acknowledges the importance of Buterin in the blockchain world saying that Ethereum is better because of the involvement of its co-founder, reported Ethereum World News. He believes that the influence of Buterin is not only restricted to Ethereum ecosystem but the entire crypto ecosystem in general. Vorhees stated, “He’s just a major influence and he’s a brilliant person. So, Ethereum is better because he’s involved.”

The leading star of the original Star Trek series who favors the new technologies was seen aggressively defending Buterin against some of his detractors. The regular Twitter user who is very much interested in virtual currencies and blockchain technologies in his recent tweet came up with a spirited defense for Buterin when a user called Buterin a “literal scammer,” reported CryptoNewsReview.

On November 8, Shatner posted a thumbs-up emoji tweet to Buterin supporting his contribution in the blockchain world. According to the Next Web, Buterin has created the second most valuable ecosystem based on blockchain by market cap at the young age of 24 and hence lead the list of most influential leaders in the blockchain industry.

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