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What Is Real Bitcoin Founder Thinking Right Now?

There are people around the globe that claim themselves to be the Bitcoin founder. But, the community keeps asking for the keys and that goes for the any self-proclaimed Bitcoin creator.

Craig Wright, the chief executive of Nchain, has proclaimed himself to the Satoshi Nakamoto. On February 8, he wrote a blog where he describes his experience of creating Bitcoin. The comment section of the blog post reveals yet another claimant who calls Wright a liar.

The community understands that to claim to be the Bitcoin creator, one needs to come up with the real proof. There have been many who claimed and moved on, but Craig Wright remains the constant claimant.

Recently, Wright has been writing about his experience from the time when he had allegedly invented the protocol. People really don’t want to believe his claims as he keeps saying that he is Satoshi Nakamoto and he doesn’t need to prove that.

The commentator on the Wright’s blog post, who is the next claimant of being the Bitcoin founder, went on to say, “He did create an altcoin, BSV, then begged to convert bitcoin core into his crapcoin — Come on, you have nothing. You do not even know how I composed the genesis block and what I coded inside additionally,” as published on Bitcoin News.

This claimant has been telling people on Twitter that he is the real Satoshi. The individual has 2,947 followers and 1,751 tweets. He remarks saying that when he digitally signs, he will show the world a registered notary depot of his scientific paper, dated before the publication date on the internet. He has said that he will present himself in seven years.

In his comment on Wright’s blog post, he has left the PGP key 0x5EC948A1 and explains that it was signed by Gavin and others at that time. The PGP key shows some interesting facts that are in line with Bitcoin creator history and makes it possible that he may be telling the truth.

While the story for the real Satoshi Nakamoto continues to jab the world, Craig Wright’s farce has long been called out where he was accused of using a forged 2001 research paper as the proof for his lineage. It was the word-to-word copy of October 2008 Bitcoin whitepaper. It also comprised of amendments that he made from August 2008, as Bitcoinist reported.

Maybe one of these claimants is the real Bitcoin founder, but what is the “real” Satoshi Nakamoto must be thinking about the whole facade?

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