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‘We’re pleased to collaborate with SIA to explore how Overledger can enable financial institutions on SIAchain,’ Technology Company Quant Network CEO Gilbert Verdian Says

We’re pleased to collaborate with SIA to explore how Overledger can enable financial institutions on SIAchain or part of SIAnet to benefit from cross-platform and interoperable blockchain applications to embrace new business models, improve operational efficiencies and deliver new innovation to customers,” The Chief Executive Officer (CEO) at a technology company called Quant Network Gilbert Verdian said.

SIA is also a tech company who has made a partnership with Quant Network. Both companies have signed an agreement. The partnership will explore blockchain interoperability. It won’t only explore this blockchain interoperability, but it will also explore agnostic cross-platform applications and services creation. It will perform the first interoperability tests on R3 Corda and private Ethereum platforms.

The Innovation & Business Solutions Director at SIA Daniele Savarè said, “Since the European launch of our private infrastructure SIAchain, we are at the forefront of innovation in blockchain technology with the aim of supporting financial markets with a high-performance and secure architecture and a clear governance model. We actively continue on our path of innovation and the achievement of a fully interoperable blockchain network is the foremost objective we want to reach with the collaboration of Quant Network and its disruptive vision on DLT.”

An aim of the partnership is the integration of a blockchain operating system called Overledger of the technology company Quant Network into the SIAchain infrastructure. A series of business applications are made available through the SIAchain infrastructure for the fulfillment of the specific communities requirements.

SIAchain optimizes on more than 500 European network nodes of SIAnet. SIAnet is a fiber optic network having high-speed and low-latency. Financial institutions, corporates and public administration bodies are helped to develop, implement, and secure blockchain-based innovative applications, BusinessWire reported.

The technology company Quant Network is located in London. The blockchain operating system Overledger is a platform. MApps (multi-chain decentralized applications) and Treaty Contracts (Multi-chain Smart Contracts) will operate on the platform, according to the official LinkedIn account of Quant Network.

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Shabnam Dhar is a Copy Editor for OWLT Market.

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