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WEF Davos Explores Global Technology Application For Private Equity

Global technology blockchain has gained a successful platform ever since it came in existence. In fact, it is now being preferred over the renowned cryptocurrency Bitcoin. Several counties across the world have agreed to acknowledge blockchain but still resist the use of digital currency. World Economic Forum annual event at Davos recently saw attendees applauding blockchain. Also, some of the representatives of world-leading companies vested interest in deploying blockchain in their respective areas.

Waves (blockchain platform) founder and CEO Aleksandr Ivanov states that there is a huge impact of blockchain in the crypto trade and it is going to affect almost all the industries in the coming few years. The Russian entrepreneur also asserted that virtual currency is only a small part of the blockchain industry and the further stage of development has already begun.

Several other industry experts discussed quote a lot of things at the WEF Davos to leverage the potential of global technology blockchain. It has the capacity to facilitate the creation of open decentralized ecosystems and equity privatization which will become the future of enterprise businesses operations. However, there are several others who do believe cryptos are still fundamental for the survival in the digital age, as published on Ethereum World News.

Passive Investment Through Equity Via Blockchain Enabled Platform

Global technology is definitely an opportunity which will increase the liquidity of the assets in the future which is one form of passive investment in the public market. There are several experiments going on in the investment firms regarding this wherein they take a small asset and fragmenting them into smaller pieces and finally registering them in a blockchain network which is finally sold in the market from there. It has been experimented by Royal Bank of Canada (RBC) wherein they are using blockchain based system for tokenization and private equity as mentioned by Legder Insights.

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