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WBFex To Become World’s Largest Digital Asset Exchange By Registered Users

WBFex wants to become the largest digital asset exchange by registered users around the world. The expectation of WBFex is to have 4.5 million registered users by the end of this year. Its expectation is also to have 18 million registered users by the next year.

WBFex contains a bank-level security system. A multi-signature & high-protection DDOS attack system is one of the Industry-leading technologies adopted by the system. Individual investors are provided with the highest performance of safe, secure and efficient services. Not only the individual investors are provided with the highest performance, but institutional investors are also provided with the highest performance of the services.

Various digital financial products are provided through WBFex. Spot trading, staking & leasing, crypto asset storage, margin & leverage trading, options contracts, futures contracts, index futures contracts, and other financial derivatives are the digital financial products.

Launching a new derivative instrument called “perpetual contract trading” is a plan of WBFex. The instrument will be launched in this year. An aim of WBF is to become the leader of “Generation III of Digital Asset Exchange”. Multiple security technologies can be used by WBF for the development of a platform called global digital financial integrated service platform in order to become the leader.

WBFex is live now. An announcement of the WBFex live is done on June 12, 2019. The exchange is run on the blockchain network. It was set up in February in the year 2018. The WBFex senior management team is made up of financial and technological elites. The elites are from places like New York, Singapore, and China. WBFex has its offices in more than 10 worldwide cities. It joins hands with 3000+ leading media corporations at the international level, PR Newswire reported.

Stringent KYC & customer screening processes, multi-factor authentication, anonymous login protection, and online & offline digital wallets usage are implemented by the digital asset exchange WBFex. Securing identities and assets is a purpose behind this implementation. WBFex is stated to be committed to playing a part. The part is related to creating an ecosystem called multi-functional global blockchain ecosystem, according to the official site of WBFex.

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Shabnam Dhar is a Copy Editor for OWLT Market.

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