Walmart Sells Frankford Bitcoin Chocolates for $1 Value

Bitcoins are flooding in every market and this time there is a new twist. The bitcoin that is stacked in the Walmart shelves are nothing but chocolates made will milk and wrapped in golden foil paper. While the modern currency hits the shelves in the US market for a mere value of $1, the real Bitcoin is growing in demand in the cryptocurrency market with no bounds.

Frankford Candy & Chocolate Company the Pennsylvania-based candy manufacturer are delivering the sweet bitcoins to Walmart. The digital currency is sufficing the pallets of people having a sweet tooth. As the real Bitcoin is surging in demand, the Frankford company decided to add just a portion of milk in the bitcoin and pitch in the market.

The Frankford Bitcoin are packaged in the 1.48 Oz of milk chocolate wrapped in tinfoil, according to Walmart’s website. The chocolate bitcoins is sold for a mere value $1 and one will get six of those. While the value of the Bitcoin in the market is dwindling, these chocolate bitcoins have grabbed everyone’s eye.

Frankford Candy is one of the many companies to see opportunity in the rise of cryptocurrencies. Gold foil packaging and a spot on slogan have created an uproar in the market. Therefore, the ever-increasing demand for these chocolate coins has resulted in a shortage and are currently unavailable, as reported in TechCrunch

A photograph posted on a website shows Bitcoin branded boxes of chocolate coins under the well-known “Everyday Low Price” advertisement, as stated by News BTC. The value of bitcoin in the cryptocurrency market is exorbitant, but this chocolate bitcoin is affordable and scrumptious.

Meanwhile, Walmart reportedly files another blockchain patent. Walmart’s aim is to maintain its position among the competitors. Therefore, it has filed several patents over the years pertaining to various applications of the blockchain technology.

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