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VNX Exchange Announces Development Of Decentralized Crypto Trading Platform

VNX exchange is soon launching a European digital asset market specifically for the tokenized crypto trading platform. As part of its push to bring better liquidity to the digital assets market, the Exchange has publicized the addition of Dominique Valschaerts, former CEO of the Brussels Stock Exchange and former member of the Executive Committee of the Luxembourg Stock Exchange, to its board of director

VNX clarifies their intention to bring a controlling compliant and safe exchange to Europe and abridged the hurdles for retail investors and solve venture capital as an asset class to a far broader group of investors. VNX exchange will thus rouse an arrival of new capital into know-how, novelty, and free enterprise.

As per the news published in CrowdFund Insider, Venture capital is presently being an honestly tight-knit manufacturing that boxes out most investors. VNX enhances that the VC market is concentrating more and more on advanced stage deals, while most company founders are stressed to access funding. Their liquidity explanation might assist to ease this problem.

According to Alexander Tkachenko, Luxembourg based VNX brings wide knowledge in the venture capital industry as well as wealth markets and know-how free enterprise.VNX foresees that tokenizing crypto trading asset portfolios of VC companies and startup accelerators will open them up for trading in a protected and investor-friendly atmosphere.

Tkachenko further states that the company mission is to make it modest and inexpensive for any startup company or VC investor accelerator to make their asset portfolios liquid and therefore access more capital. While letting almost anyone, be it big monetary institutions or regular private investors, to invest in the future.

Tkachenko recognizes the pros and cons of the venture capital industry, as per him VNX will integrate crypto trading platform in a very user-friendly atmosphere. It will make the VC industry much more inclusive in order to resolve its enduring problems with capital accessibility and access to finance for entrepreneurs, said the company’s spokesperson to a to Leaprate news publication.

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