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Video Delivery Network Theta Debuts In Entertainment And Education With Future Technology

Theta, the first video delivery network driven by future technology blockchain has made its debut in the educational and media sector. The group has come up collaborated with Korea’s KAIST to develop a blockchain curriculum for computing schools do that the upcoming generation of budding engineers can explore the best possible options in the blockchain and crypto market. The announcement has come after the company signed deals with Korea’s largest cable TV operator CJ Hello and local media giant Maekyung Media Group.

Theta has revealed that they will be developing several programs for electrical engineering computing schools of KAIST (a public research university located in Daedeok Innopolis). Beginning from early next year the company executives will be teaching and training the students of graduate-level credit course on blockchain development. This is the special engineering program that adjoins technology and entrepreneurship.

KAIST dean of electrical engineering department Prof. Jong-Hwan Kim stated that Korea is one of the leading countries in the world which are the front-runner in the adoption of future technology blockchain and the market indeed lacks this talent pool. He further added that the existing market requires developers and entrepreneurs that can bring a transformation to the industries as mentioned by The Investor.

While the media mogul subdivision MBN Chief Broadcasting Officer stated that the impressive figures and increased user involvement of the re-streaming content convinced the agencies to collaborate with Theta instantly. This association is going to raise the benchmark of the media industry services and programmes as noted by Bitcoin Exchange Guide.

How Does Theta Works?

In a layman’s language, Theta is a video delivery network which is based on future technology blockchain. This network facilitates the re-streaming of videos and also enables video app of next generation that has better viewer engagement. The entire process is operated on a low cost with the creation of new revenues as well.


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