Verge Debit Card Leaves Crypto Enthusiasts Excited

Verge fans have now reasons to rejoice as it is all set to introduce its’ own Verge debit card. The news is of utmost importance to cryptocurrency enthusiasts as Verge (XVG) will try and solve the problems associated with the crypto assets.

Verge announced its plan to come up with its own debit card via its official Twitter account. It was only last month when Verge revealed about its partnership with porn giant This partnership will allow payments to be made to the site through XVG.

Verge first got into a contractual arrangement with WEG, a German bank that offers bank loans and technological solutions. Then, the company partnered with Tokenpay (decentralized payment platform) and jointly announced on May 8th that they hold 10% of the bank shares. In fact, rumors are rife that they plan to buy nearly 80 percent of the bank. Check the whitepapers of Tokenpay here. Verge’s lead developer functions as a blockchain auditor for TokenPay.

If you are still wondering why Crypto Enthusiasts are excited about this news on Verge debit card, read on…

All About Verge Debit Card

Two options (or both) are being probed and developed at this point.

1. When you send your crypto to a bank account, it will automatically be changed into fiat during the time of transaction. The balance will however be insured since it’s a legitimate bank.
2. Pre-paid debit card option will be offered. In this case, your XVG will be loaded onto a debit card and later changed into any local FIAT currency that is accepted during the sale.
Verge debit card is especially enticing since you send money using all privacy features provided by XVG, to a TOR (The Onion Router, a service that helps you to keep your identity a secret).

Verge debit card come with complete security so that you can make purchases without worrying about, corrupt government entities, or intrusive banking protocols trying to loot your bank account.

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