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Using Blockchain Technology For Tracking Scores, Assets And Stats Can Be Big Win For Video Game Industry

The combination of blockchain technology and video game industry is not only a great innovation but also has a huge potential for opening new leeways and possibilities in the world of modern technology. It can be used for tracking scores, assets, and stats which can be certainly a big win for the industry that is struggling to sustain in the competition put forth by new entertainment mediums.

Apart from supporting the cryptocurrency platforms, there is much more to blockchain which offers a digital ledger’s decentralized or distributed platform ideal for tracking assets and scores of various video games including first-person shooters game similar to Call of Duty and Fortnite to MMO’s including Fallout 76 and Minecraft. And it is possible to avail of all these advantages irrespective of whether a gamer is enjoying the video game on a console like PlayStation or Xbox or on PC, or even on the Smartphone.

Such a change can be a big win for the developers who have to meet demands of different servers of Sony, Microsoft and the consoles of Nintendo apart from the Steam PC marketplace of Valve and the mobile markets of Apple and Google.

Apart from tracking with the help of digital ledger, the video game industry can gain a lot from the non-fungible token standard of Ethereum’s ERC-721 and the reference implementation of ERC-1155. With the help of these, it is possible to create, track and trade digital collectibles on the blockchain platform, reported Crypto Briefing.

Importantly, blockchain can help the industry by tracking the codes of video games and help stop piracy. Rather, the private and public key transaction system that is used in blockchain technology can help to keep the game codes secure in a better way and the digital ledger can help to track down those that are stolen.

According to Toshi Times, the video game industry can expect for a hacker-free storage as the blockchain can guarantee the security of the items discovered and stored by the gamers as their worldly possessions. Since the technology operates on a decentralized platform it will also lead to the decline of the black market in the video gaming.

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