, an upcoming cryptocurrency exchange intends to become a leading European platform by listing altcoins as well as by helping start-ups to get their Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs) off the ground.

The exchange intends to keep detailed accounting records that are regularly audited. It also wishes to ensure security in the minds of its customers by taking extensive efforts to comply with international laws as well as local regulations in their jurisdiction. The exchange feels that by doing so it will be able to avoid scenarios where the assets of customers are frozen or seized by the government officials. offers a reliable infrastructure that is subject to minimal downtime for server maintenance, database migration or application upgrades. The exchange’s system offers resilience during denial of service attacks (DDoS) or at times of high volume as well.

Unlike its rival platforms, the cryptocurrency exchange claims that its platform will be free of what is known as “technical debt”. This indicates a situation where a system becomes susceptible to security weaknesses and bugs due to new features or altcoins being added without proper due diligence, testing or careful software design.

According to the exchange, currencies will only be listed on its platform once they have undergone a strict vetting process in order to ascertain their sustainability. This will be done with a team of experts who will be performing a deep protocol review to ensure that they are technically sound. has at least 98 percent of its reserves held in cold storage. This helps to keep the customers’ funds highly secure. The exchange plans to offer a huge variety of trade orders to ensure that both expert and beginner traders are catered to, as stated in the Cointelegraph report. as a cryptocurrency exchange will play a major role in the “Internet of Value’s” ecosystem. It will function as the marketplace where virtual currencies will be traded against each other. It will also act as a bridge across multiple value networks powered by different cryptocurrencies or blockchains such as Ether (ETH) and Bitcoin (BTC), as mentioned in the exchange’s official manifesto.

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