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Universities To Provide Blockchain Technology-based Education

A public university in Louisville, Kentucky called the University of Louisville (UofL) who has collaborated with the American multinational information technology company IBM in order to provide the blockchain technology-based education. This collaboration has created an IBM Skills Academy.

The President at UofL Neeli Bendapudi has made this collaboration possible with the support of the vice president at Global University Programs of IBM Naguib Attia. IBM wants to collaborate with other universities for opening similar kinds of academies.

Neeli Bendapudi said, “But the value of this far exceeds that figure. When you have two great institutions working together, who can say where the opportunity lies?”

She added, “When I heard about IBM’s vision to try and bridge the digital divide, I knew we had to work quickly. It is important for us to be nimble with this, to be truly transformative, to say, ‘We see what’s coming, how can we be proactive?’ I am extremely grateful to IBM.”

The academy will cover other subjects like cybersecurity, internet of things, quantum computing, artificial intelligence, cloud computing, data science, and design thinking along with the blockchain technology.

Emerging technologies are evolving at a rapid pace. Students from any field will be provided with such skills training. They will be provided with course credit and IBM certification by the academy. It is stated that artificial intelligence will create 120+ million jobs within a few years, UofLNews reported.

A public tertiary institution and the Premier technical university in Ghana called the Accra Technical University who has collaborated with a university of applied sciences and community higher professional education institute called the Hague University of Applied Sciences (THUAS) for providing the blockchain-based education. One of the Lecturers said, “The blockchain is coming like how the internet came and it is important to join the train to avoid any inconvenience it may cause by the blockchain technology in the future,” Ghanaweb reported.

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Shabnam Dhar is a Copy Editor for OWLT Market.

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