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Ultrain’s Co-Founder Talk About Mission To Generate Decentralized Technical Solutions At SFBW

Ultrain is one of the esteemed industry leaders who was invited at the San Francisco Blockchain Week (SFBW) to discuss and deliver a keynote speech on technical solutions. While representing the startup established by the Chinese e-commerce giant Alibaba’s former senior technical executives, the co-founder Emma Liao discussed the vision of her company to generate a decentralized force for empowering the future.

According to Liao, the vision of Ultrain is to develop a programmable business community. She believes that the cross-disciplinary features of blockchain can be looked upon as the fusion art. Liao stated that a successful public chain project does not work like most of the projects in the market. Rather they are triggered off by theoretical advantages and also by engineering development, advanced theory, and business capabilities.

Big names in the technology fields including Charlie Lee and Vitalik Buterin attended the event. During this summit, Ethereum’s first game HyperDragons, the blockchain lab calledElectric Soul, Silicon Valley’s top project Celer Network, and the famous charity platform of blockchain in Australia, Little Phil announced that they are the first wave members of Ultrain ecosystem.

HyperDragons, the game operating on blockchain-based technical solutions, was deployed on the ETH platform during March this year. Currently, it is the highest ranking game on the platform, Cision reported. Yiyi, the director of the marketing operation for Mixmarval, stated that the game was not operating smoothly on Ethereum and was facing some challenges.

According to Yiyi, ever since they have migrated to the Ultrain platform, they have successfully achieved faster transaction confirmation time, user-friendly smart contract development, DApp deployment capabilities, and optimal TPS operational performance. All these features have contributed towards achieving a much better experience for the HyperDragons operators.

Ultrain through its innovative blockchain technical solutions have successfully managed to raise funding from top-level global investors including Draper Dragon, Morningside, DHVC, BlueRun, Aplus, FBG Capital, Ceyuan Ventures, Sky9 Capital, and more, Cisionreported.

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