UK FSA Completes Blockchain For Food Supply Chain

The UK FSA has effectively finished a pilot using Blockchain technology in a cattle slaughterhouse. It’s the foremost time blockchain has been utilized as a regulatory means to guarantee compliance in the food sector.

Sian Thomas, Head of Information Management, said this is an actually exhilarating development. We contemplated that Blockchain technology may add real worth to a part of the food industry, such as a slaughterhouse, whose work entails a lot of scrutinizes and spread of results. Our tactics have been to develop data standards with the business that will make theory actuality and I’m enchanted that we’ve been able to display that blockchain does undeniably work in this part of the food industry. I think there are great prospects now for industry and government to work together to get bigger and build up this strategy.

What is Blockchain?

A blockchain is a type of database that acquires a number of records and puts them in a block rather like collecting them on to a solitary sheet of paper. Each block is then ‘chained’ to the subsequent block, using an encrypted signature. These permits block chains to be utilized like a ledger, which can be collective and checked by anyone with the suitable permission.

According to Coin Telegraph, in this pilot both the FSA and the slaughterhouse had consented to access data, giving the profit of improved lucidity across the food supply chain. A further pilot is planned for July which will give access to farmers to access data about animals from their farm.

The next course will be for additional work to replicate this in other plants and make certain that all those across the chain get the full benefit of the new way data is administered and accessed as ‘permission’ data to the FSA, slaughterhouse, and farmer.

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