UK-based Argo Will Introduce Bitcoin On Its Cryptocurrency Mining Platform On November 1

One of the renowned United Kingdom-based cryptocurrency mining service ventures, Argo has decided to launch Bitcoin on its platform from November 1. The company will now allow its users to mine the world’s largest digital currency on its platform.

The addition of Bitcoin has been decided in response to consumer demand. The company received requests from endless customers to list the cryptocurrency on the platform. Its customers are presently able to mine Ethereum, Bitcoin Gold, Horizon, Komodo, Ethereum Classic, Zcash and Ethereum Classic. The subscribers have been entertaining this service through a mining-as-a-Service (MaaS) software via monthly subscription. This new move will augment the total number of cryptocurrencies available for the mining operation to 7.

The cryptocurrency mining farm, Agro is now having the capacity to include Bitcoin after successfully expanding its volume of operation. Further, it makes a ten-fold increase in its sold packages to 4,200, which means around 4,200 subscribers across the planet use the services. This is considered a significant step of Argo in multiplying the revenues since its Initial Public Offering venture in August when the company significantly generated the US $32 million.

On the other hand, the global data center management business, which is specialized offering a low-cost and user-friendly podium for mining the leading digital currencies, has further decided to offer even more choice as consumer demands goes on increasing and apparently ready to invest in its platform, as reported on the press release aired by Business Wire.

The customers who find themselves less tech-savvy can join Argo to mine the digital currencies. Since, November 1, the customers having interest in Bitcoin can find it a beautiful platform to accomplish their task. The company has a vision of becoming the most trusted provider of mining services. Hence, it invites both the experienced and inexperienced miners, Crypto Block Wire reported.

“This is yet another step towards Argo’s long-term goal to become the leading global provider of easy-to-use and transparent crypto-mining services for the general public,” the president and co-founder of Argo opined.

A promotional video from the Argo website claims that the cryptocurrency mining firm is able to make anyone a Bitcoin miner in just under 5 minutes. The video states that Argo’s team is comprised of experienced technology veterans who are highly specialized in making the mining possible for as wide an audience possible.

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