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Two Way Bitcoin ATM (BATM) Now Available For Sofia Residents and Visitors

A two way Bitcoin ATM (BATM) will be operational next week in a Sofia mall. The BATM crypto teller machine will be accepting dollar, euro, and Bulgarian lev deposits. It will also buy print paper wallets and cryptos.

This new BATM will be available for visitors and residents of Sofia, the Bulgarian capital from Monday onwards. The crypto teller machine is able to support two-way transactions for several cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin cash (BCH), Ethereum (ETH), Bitcoin (BTC), Litecoin (LTC), and Monero (XMR). Traders can buy cryptos with USD, EUR, and BGN, the local fiat currency. The BATM is installed in The Mall, a popular shopping center in Sofia on the way from the airport towards the city.

More About Bitcoin ATM

DG Cash, a local exchange will be operating the BATM. Sharing the news of the launch on social media, the exchange said that the rates of the cryptocurrencies applied at the ATM are almost identical to the available (“We Buy” and “We Sell”) rates on their website. The commission charged by them is approximately three percent of the market price, as it is included in the exchange rate.

As reported in the Bitcoin News, the limit for a single transaction is set at 10,000 BGN (~€5,100 EUR, $6,000 USD). Users will be able to purchase any of the supported cryptos by simply depositing Bulgarian levs, dollars, or euros. However, while selling they will only receive BGN. The interface of BATM supports English, Spanish, and Bulgarian among other languages. If anyone wishes to purchase digital currencies and does not have an electronic wallet, the machine can generate a paper wallet. This crypto teller machine installed at The Mall is not the only one available in Sofia. The first crypto teller machine was installed in 2014 in Sofia in the Interpred office building.

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