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Turkish Bahçeşehir University Opens Blockchain Center To Provide Blockchain-based Informational Support 

Bahçeşehir University (BAU) is a Turkey-based private educational institution who has set up a blockchain center to provide blockchain-based Informational support.

Enver Yücel is a Chair of the Board of Trustees of BAU who has said, “We appreciate the Turkish Exporter’s Assembly [TİM] Chairman İsmail Gülle for his work from day one. We want to have further collaborations. Whatever is done in our universities should be included in the industry. The industry has to understand what we are doing, and we need to understand what the industry is doing. We can develop this dialogue under your vision. I would like to start the master and doctoral education programs in cooperation with TIM. I think it will be better if we have more people with doctorates. I believe we will accomplish good things together.”

The blockchain center is set up at the Northeastern University of Boston. The Northeastern University of Boston is recognized as the leading university. The center will be enabled for funds applying in the United States (US) and the European Union (EU) along with Turkey.

It is stated that a great team is formed with BAU. The competitive power of Turkey will be boosted through the co-operation. Blockchain enthusiasts people will be attracted through the co-operation.

The Turkey-based private educational institution Bahçeşehir University is recognized as a higher education institution. The institution is devoted to providing services. It isn’t only devoted to providing the services but also devoted to teaching and research. Educating the leading workforce of future is a mission of BAU. Educating those students who are appreciative of human difference is an aim of BAU. Whereas the expectation of BAU is to be the leading force at the regional and the national levels, according to the official LinkedIn account of Bahceşehir University.

Working on the blockchain center continued for eight months, Daily Sabah reported.

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