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Truth Data Cloud’s Next ICO To Help Customers Benefit From Personal Data

A London-based firm called Truth Data Cloud is all set to launch its next ICO for the public after having a successful private sale that is still live.

Truth Data Cloud has come up with an innovative platform to assist their consumers to reap profits from the latter’s personal data. The firm is a data marketplace and a Blockchain-based platform which allows its consumers to manage the storage and trading of their personal data, purchasing intention data, and their personal browsing.

The data is stored in a secured manner in the consumers’ True Data Wallets. Consumers are to be incentivized for joining the True Data Cloud. They will get TRU rewards in exchange to maintain their data updated.

The firm’s next ICO is specifically developed for the increasingly popular Blockchain marketplace. The Initial Coin Offering will enable the consumers to get rewards for sharing their private online browsing data.

Plus, TRU Tokens will also offer rewards to the consumers for sharing a personal data whenever the same is used by loyalty programs, publishers, advertisers, and apps that have been developed on the True Data Cloud. Additionally, the London-based platform will empower its consumers so that they can share only the data they wish to share, according to iNVEZZ.

TRUTokens Can Be Used For Various Purposes

The firm will reward its consumers for permission-based and transparent use of personal data by various advertisers. Consumers will get TRU Tokens for permitting others to access such personal data. When consumers own more TRU Tokens, their reward is greater as the TRU Tokens’ amount go up whenever the data of that user is accessed.

The company’s next ICO will enable TRU Tokens to be used for various purposes including making payment for data access from their consumers as well as for acting as a security for users who want to operate nodes over the distributed network, Bitcoin Exchange Guide reported.

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