TrustBar Permits First Cross-Chain Crypto Exchange Trading

South African exchange, TrustBar, will be the first-ever decentralized exchange that will facilitate safe cross-chain crypto trading across multiple tokens with just one transaction. The launch is scheduled towards the end of this year. It will undeniably make over the virtual transaction sphere, as it will be the pioneer decentralized exchange that will enable trading of virtual assets via a single transaction.

A team of South-Africa based banking and blockchain specialists is behind this TrustBar invention. This new invention is designed to permit the transference of worth and not just intra-blockchain. It will also facilitate users to swap their virtual assets from one platform to another with just a single click. At present, there is no existing decentralized exchange globally that offers this form of specialty.

TustBar is established on bionetworks that sustain the usage of a distributed exchange and on diverse blockchains. Users will be able to cross-link diverse holder identities on diverse blockchains, mentioned CFO and co-founder, Mark Smith.

A Set Of Distributed Exchanges

TrustBar will allow users to transact virtual currencies only within the inherent blockchain. Initially, the exchange will be established as a system of distributed exchanges on every platform.

Curator Of Their Own Resources

TrustBar users will be the custodian of their own assets. This is vital from a safety perspective as it won’t be possible to trade or withdraw money without the signature of users. When the system is offline, users can withdraw money reliably from the system.

Simplified Trading

Users will now be able to withdraw, transact, and engage multiple deposits via TrustBar across many centralized exchanges. Users will have the choice to interchange tokens from any virtual asset to another asset that’s itemized on the platform.

Initial Coin Offering And Token Sale Details

As reported in the BitCoin Exchange Guide, the pre-sale of TrustBar token is lined up for 31st Aug, while the crowd sale is scheduled for October. Around 180 million virtual assets will be distributed with just 108 million being offered through the ICO. People who wish to take part in the ICO need to register before the offering.

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