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Tron (TRX) To Give Tough Competition To Ethereum Coin

After months of speculation and anticipation, Tron (TRX) has launched its mainnet. This is a huge milestone for Tron in its ambition to power its own blockchain and compete with Ethereum coin. Tron is very confident that this model will help increase the speed of its transactions.

EOS and TRX are both leaving ERC20 (Ethereum Request for Comment. 20 is the number assigned to that particular operation) technology behind in order to create their native Main Nets.

The decisión is backed by all firms and partners, and this is likely to pose a huge problem for Ethereum.

After leaving its roots as an ERC20 (It is Ethereum’s primary tool which has been around for nearly 18 months) token, the blockchain will now be powered by 27 “Super Representatives” that will be selected through a vote by Trone TRX holders. The model is extremely different than Ethereum, which allows everybody to spin up a node. In the online space, there are currently more than 15,000 Ethereum nodes.

Tron’s founder Justin Sun is extremely proud of their achievement.

Today I announce with confidence that the development for the Tron mainnet Odyssey 2.0 is complete. Starting today, the Tron community will be able to download and run Tron’s official mainnet, Odyssey 2.0, on the Tron GitHub page.

Tron (TRX) gives Ethereum coin a tough time

Tron has promised its users that its transaction speeds in comparison to Ethereum coin will be hundred times faster, having a network capacity of 10,000 transactions per second. TRX, in order to gain more visibility and footage in the industry, is offering developers creating DApps on its blockchain a loan of $100,000. What’s more, it has also launched a virtual machine so that developers can easily port Ethereum projects on to the Tron network.

While EOS will migrate on Jun 2nd, Tron TRX is expected to mígrate on June 21. Tron certainly has the potential to give other cryptos and Ethereum coin, in particular, a run for their money, and one of the main reasons is their soon to be launched MainNet.

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