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Travala Platform To Expand Its Services Across 6 Continents

Travala platform is planning to expand its booking services across all of the six continents. Interestingly, the platform is also gearing up to add extra properties to its platform in December this year. The firm is pleased that its strategic partnerships in different regions over the last few months have helped it reach a new milestone so that it can offer coverage of accommodation as well as properties across the world.

The platform recently announced that it will release its next update in December and prominent one will be the inclusion of 400,000 and more properties on its booking platform. With these new additions, the accommodation amount including hostels, villas, hotels, resorts, and apartments listed on Travala will be 550,000 plus encompassing 210 countries in all the 6 continents.

The primary aim of Travala is to establish itself as the global online travel booking marketplace and bring a major transformation in the travel industry. The company is currently focused on building an online booking platform that works on the NEO decentralized engine and blockchain.

The blockchain technology-based Travala platform uses the industry know-how for creating a decentralized marketplace. It will increase the efficiency and transparency in the industry as well as cut down the operating costs, reported Captain Altcoin. The platform connects the consumers directly with the merchants thereby eliminating the requirement of third-party mediation.

Blockchain technology offers lots of unique traits and characteristics benefitting corporations in multiple ways such as improved security, decentralized business models, data integrity, immutability, and transparency. In the field of tourism and travel, it enables stress-free baggage tracking, protects travelers profile and data and prevents overbooking, reported The Currency Analytics.

As a part of the expansion process, Travala platform is soon venturing into North America, Africa, and South America for the first time. According to Medium, it is already offering its booking services in Asia, Oceania, and Europe and is continuously pushing forward its updated Q4 roadmap.

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