International Joins New Trading Revolution Community Controlled CryptoExchange

The Switzerland-based leading crypto exchange, the next-generation blockchain-based financial trading platform, has officially launched its one-of-a-kind, highly customizable crypto-to-crypto exchange that will initially offer the following tradable instruments: BTC (Bitcoin), BCH (Bitcoin Cash), ETH (Ethereum), LTC (Litecoin), TIO (TradeToken).

Additionally, shortly after launch will also be giving out leveraged crypto products along with fiat to crypto conveniences. The company has been structuring out its exchange, with important input from the community of Trade Token (TIO) holders, over 31 million USD was raised.

The community of ‘TIOnauts’ has been testing the exchange, and have aggressively subsidized towards the development of the platform’s high-end specifications, ensuring a user-friendly exchange with a fully customizable widget-based user interface.

At present, the exchange platform is obtainable to 1,000 pre-selected users, with additional release groups to be publicized soon.

According to’s CEO Jim Preissler, the exchange has been designed to give power back to clienteles by democratizing and unsettling the financial industry.

About Exchange may be a next-generation financial organization supported blockchain technology, providing the final word in security and transparency. By investing decades of expertise within the investment banking, commerce & FinTech sectors, and mixing them with the ability and transparency of the distributed ledger, has created a very distinctive product that may revolutionize plus commerce and investment banking.

The company leverages its decades of experience in the trading and investment banking sectors. It combines this experience with the transparency and power of the distributed ledger. has created a unique exchange that is likely to revolutionize investment banking and asset trading.

As reported by News BTC, with the standard industry-leading offerings, plus the development of a rich roadmap containing exclusively substantial contributions and other company expansions, ensures to position itself at the forefront of the crypto market.

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