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Top Cryptocurrency And Blockchain Event Not To Be Missed In September

A good number of upcoming top cryptocurrency and blockchain events have sparked excitement among the crypto lovers. These events usually showcase the game-changing brands’ future projects before they start sailing in the mainstream and bring innovative networking opportunities. Here we will let you know about the upcoming events that you should not miss in September.

BlockWorld Event

Scheduled to take place between September 12 to 14 in California’s San Jose, BlockWorld event is expected to have over 2,000 participants such as IT managers, blockchain developers, professionals, and investors. The 75 exhibitors will explore the cryptocurrency startups and blockchain enterprise at the event. The participants will get the suggestions from 200 speakers, some of them are K J Erickson (CEO and Co-founder, Public Market), Brian Behlendorf, (Executive Director, Hyperledger), Dominic Tancredi (CEO and Co-founder, Dom & Tom), Albert Inn (Janine Grasso Vice President, IBM Blockchain Strategy and Ecosystem Development, IBM) to name a few.

Litecoin Summit

Litecoin Summit is going to be the world’s first Litecoin-oriented cryptocurrency event to inspire the Litecoin aficionados to know more about the fundamental techniques of Litecoin. The summit is slated to take place between September 14 and 15 in San Francisco. The speaker list is full of big names such as Charlie Lee (Litecoin Creator), Xinxi Wang (Litecoin Foundation Director), Michael Ou (CEO of CoolBitX), Alex Bosworth (Co-founder of SourceLabs) etc., Coindoo reports.

Blockchain Practitioner Conference China 2018

Among all the top cryptocurrency and blockchain events, Blockchain Practitioner Conference China 2018 is a notable one, mainly because the cryptocurrency regulation is still not fixed in China and Beijing issued a refraining order last month from hosting cryptocurrency events. Scheduled to take place in Shanghai on September 18, this summit promises the gathering of blockchain elites from various parts of the world including blockchain industrial associations, blockchain technology innovators, Fintech companies, corporate blockchain research and development firms from around 20 nations.

Ontology Jakarta Meetup

MainNet of Ontology was unveiled during the end of June this year. The organization is known for providing high-performance public blockchains that consist of a series of complete distributed ledgers and smart contract systems. Now the Jarkarta Meetup is going to host multiple ecosystem partners to bring into notice the Ontology ecosystem. This event on blockchain is slated to take place in Bali, Indonesia on September 18.

Stay with us to get the details on more top cryptocurrency and blockchain events.

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