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Top Brazilian Crypto Exchanges Receive 14-Point Questionnaire From Government

Top Brazilian crypto exchanges have received a 14-point questionnaire from the government in an attempt to learn more about their businesses and study their potential use in money laundering.

The government has been sending the exchanges this questionnaire through their contact forms for the last two weeks according to a local news outlet, “Portal do Bitcoin’s” report. This questionnaire is sent under the Ministry of Finance’s name according to the news report.

The document has been signed by Ana Paula Bez Batti, the prosecutor. According to the document, the cryptocurrency exchanges have been given a five days time to respond to the questionnaire. The replies provided by these exchanges will be part of a private dossier to protect the interiority of the financial system. “Portal do Bitcoin” reportedly obtained a copy of the document, although the questionnaire cannot legally be shared.

The questionnaire has 14 questions that revolve around the crypto exchanges’ operations. Some of the questions are centered on how the exchanges check customers’ documents, how they control operations on the platform, the trading limits that they offer their clients as per their earnings and how they identify users and more.

Some questions seek information from the exchanges in terms of their “wallets’ hashs” and for data on the operators of the exchange. These questions are asked under the pretext of subsidizing a study to combat money laundering and corruption in the country.

“Portal do Bitcoin” reached out to three of these cryptocurrency exchanges out of the top 10 exchanges in terms of trading volume. One of them has claimed to have answered to all the questions in the document, while another stated that it did not find the questionnaire and that it would be reviewing its communication channels to look for the same, as mentioned in the CCN report.

Out of the 3 crypto exchanges, that the news outlet reached out to, another claimed that it would not be responding to the government inquiry, as it was sent through its contact form and was not an official document. The Ministry of Finance made this move after a top Brazilian crypto investment platform, Atlas was hacked.

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