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Top 10 Women In Cryptocurrency Market

The percentage of female representation in the cryptocurrency market is much lower than male. It is necessary for women to mark their name in modern finance. There are some women who are enthusiastic about the crypto world.

Joyce Kim

Joyce Kim is a Co-founder and executive director at Stellar.org. She is managing partner at SparkChain Capital. Joyce has been presented on various cryptocurrency platforms for banks, governmental organizations, the UN and the Bank.

Perianne Boring

In July 2014 Perianne founded the Chamber of Digital Commerce, the first Washington, DC-based digital asset trade association. Boring is the Treasurer at the Chamber of Digital Commerce Political Action Committee.

Amber Baldet

Amber Baldet is the executive director of JP Morgan’s Blockchain Center of Excellence. She was listed in CoinDesk’s Most Influential in Blockchain 2017 series. Baldet took a permanent position with JP Morgan in 2011.

Jinglan Wang

Jinglan Wang is the Executive director of Blockchain Educational Network and Blockchain product manager at NASDAQ. She helps students to develop their Blockchain clubs at schools and colleges.

Jen Greyson

Jen Greyson is a CEO at Neureal Network. She has set her team at Neureal apart in a frenzy that is the current crypto space. She is a supporter of women empowerment and also givens information on regulation.

Meltem Demirors

Meltem Demirors is the development director at the Digital Currency Group. She is also a member of Global Future Council on Blockchain at the World Economic Forum.

Raine Revere

Raine Revere is a blockchain engineer and Founder at Maiden. She is passionate about teaching modern cryptocurrency investment.

Elizabeth Rossiello

BitPesa was started in 2013 at the age of 31 by Elizabeth Rossiello. BitPesa is now in seven African countries, Europe and the U.K. Rossiello embraces Bitcoin and blockchain technology in her company to make faster payments.

Cindy McAdam

As reported by Fortune, Cindy McAdam is a partner and general counsel at Ribbit Capital. McAdam is one of the highest-ranking executives. She has also worked at Xapo as president and general counsel.

Elizabeth Ploshay

Elizabeth is an account manager at BitPay. Ploshay previously worked as a contributor at Bitcoin Magazine. She also sits on the board of the Bitcoin Foundation.

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Courtesy of: MrBTC.org

According to Mr. BTC report, Women’s idea and contribution in the cryptocurrency market could prove to be helpful. Women need to contribute to emerging technology like blockchain and cryptocurrency.

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