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TokenSoft ICO Services Declare Intention To List, Support Stellar Protocol

TokenSoft, a major ICO services platform, has shared its plans to list the Stellar protocol. Thus, the platform has now officially voiced its support for projects based on the popular Stellar lumens protocol.

TokenSoft guides crypto startup businesses to navigate through the various legal compliance procedures internationally in the United States. On Tuesday, September 11, 2018, the company announced its intention to extend its offerings and add the Stellar altcoin.

The platform has assisted Ethereum-based projects in the past. The company’s announcement means that it would start issuing tokens by utilizing the Stellar platform.

Mason Borda, the co-founder of TokenSoft, shared that his organization has been following Stellar since the beginning of 2018. He cited that the maturity of the platform has made them decide to support the protocol.

He added that the network, its underlying infrastructure, and the toolsets provide the much-needed maturity they were looking for to offer their official support. He further stated that the company can offer to support if someone desires to get payments for lumens.

Reasons For Backing The Protocol

The rising demand and increased adoption helped the ICO services platform to list the Stellar protocol and back projects that are using the protocol.

According to Borda, the company has witnessed a steady flow of requests to support for launching the protocol from early 2018. He further mentioned that the same trend is likely to continue in the future months, CoinDesk reported. The co-founder not only observed a growing demand for the altcoin but found that even businesses and entrepreneurs have started using Stellar on a large scale.

The observation further triggered that the decision of his ICO platform to list and to extend support for the coin. He shared that his ICO platform rolled out the complete lifecycle support for the token and the Stellar digital currency on Stellar Blockchain in the month of March 2018, according to XBT Network.

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