TMTG Launches Its New ICO MDG On The Digital Gold Exchange (DGE) Platform

The TMTG project launches its new ICO Midas Gold Token (MDG) on the Digital Gold Exchange (DGE) platform. The new project stands for the Midas Touch Gold. It uses blockchain technology to create a favorable environment for exchanging fiat to cryptocurrency and vice versa or even any other tangible goods. This project is quite significant as when users buy gold using digital tokens, it lessens the risks involved, is convenient, and safe. The project addresses some of the most crucial challenges faced by the cryptocurrency world. It offers a platform that can bring real-world applications to the daily life of many users.

The Digital Gold Exchange

The Digital Gold Exchange (DGE) is an online or offline electronic gold exchange. It allows users to trade cryptocurrencies for Fiat or any other tangible goods. Users are able to trade directly with one another on the platform.

Users with a large holding of cryptocurrency will be able to securely distribute their assets with a lesser tax impact. The TMTG project focuses primarily on gold as its value is recognized across the world.

Users can buy the new MDG token with TMTG coins on the DGE platform. The CC exchange protocol is used by DGE. This protocol is built on the decentralized exchange to improve transparency of the exchange as well as to improve security for building Fiat and crypto purses.

The DGE platform has a circuit breaker system that shuts down the coin exchanges in the event of a big amount of transactions taking place. This is implemented to protect the stability of the market and the coin owners.

TMTG Has A Continued ICO

As reported in the Bitcoin Exchange Guide, TMTG already has an ICO that continues through the 25th of July. A total of 2 billion TMTG coins are to be sold during the ICO, with a total amount of 10 billion issued altogether. Users can buy coins using Ether.

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