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This Team Will Win FIFA World Cup 2018, Per Predictions

FIFA World Cup 2018 is gradually getting serious. With most of the bigger teams failing to gain enough points to secure its place in the knock-out stage, smaller teams have fared much better than what was expected. Meanwhile, there have been various predictions about the potential winner of the tournament. Things have got more interesting because bots based on blockchain technology have joined the game of predictions.

Bodhi, built on Qtum’s Blockchain technology, has tweeted its prediction for the FIFA World Cup 2018 winner. The blockchain-based bot has named Brazil as the winning team of this year’s gala tournament. This must make the fans of the Latin American nation that has already won five times so far. The last time Brazil won it was in 2002. In 2014, it had a rather sorry exit from the world cup. It was beaten 1-7 by Germany that went on to win the cup.

Even though Bodhi has named Brazil as the potential winner for FIFA World Cup 2018, it has shared other predictions as well.

According to SWFT Blockchain, it will be England that will take away the glory this time. The last time English managed to win the football world cup was back in 1966. This time, it has got a young team. It’s also one of the major teams that have lived up to the expectation so far.

Other FIFA World Cup 2018 Predictions

Origin Protocol has predicted that it will be Portugal that will be the FIFA World Cup 2018 winner. Cristiano Ronaldo seems to be in a great form this year, scoring four goals in two matches.

His Argentine counterpart, on the contrary, is apparently having a tough time at the tournament. Lionel Messi had a disappointing start. In addition to failing to leave an impression with his game against Iceland, he also missed a penalty.

According to ESPN, Messi must “play the hero” in his next match against Croatia on Thursday. He has no other choice but to play like himself if Argentina has any chance of moving ahead. As of now, a YouTube user has predicted that Argentina will win FIFA World Cup 2018. According to the prediction, Argentina will beat Brazil 3-2 in the final.

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