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Third-Biggest Oil Importer Market Cap Reduces Purchases Due To High Crude Prices, Declining Rupee

India, the world’s third-biggest oil shipper in market cap, is thinking about decreasing oil buys to mitigate the pain of high unrefined costs and the declining rupee, said two sources at various Indian refineries with coordinate information of the matter.

State refiners are taking a look at enhancing crude oil inventory levels without influencing fuel supplies in the domestic market, he told PTI. Indian refinery authorities met on September 15, 2018, in Mumbai to talk about choices for managing the rising oil costs which have exacerbated by the declining rupee said the two sources that went to the meeting.

The taking off import costs are turning into a headache for Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s government in front of general decisions one year from now.

“We had a meeting on September 15, 2018, to deliberate on a host of issues facing the industry and in that meeting, one of the options that were considered was to reduce imports by cutting down on inventory levels,” Sanjiv Singh said.

Sanjiv Singh said in market cap report that the high oil costs will in long-haul affect request, thus, lessening imports makes well. India imported 18.6 million ton (MT) of unrefined petroleum in August for USD 9.8 billion. It had imported 18.1 MT of unrefined in a similar time of 2017 for USD 6.4 billion.

“One of the quick steps that the refiners are thinking about is to lessen unrefined buys for a brief timeframe and decrease our inventory,” said one of the sources in a report to Moneycontrol, who declined to be named as the meeting was private.

Amid April-August, it has spent USD 48.9 billion on the import of 94.9 MT of crude contrasted with USD 31 billion on the import of 89.1 MT in a similar period a year ago.

Since mid-August in market cap, the petroleum cost has ascended by Rs 5.58 a liter and diesel by Rs 5.3 – the most in any month since the daily value amendment was presented in mid-June a year ago, according to the report of Economic Times.

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