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Things To Expect From Infineon Blockchain Security 2Go Starter Kit

Infineon’s Blockchain Security 2Go starter kit is expected to provide huge benefits to both the fintechs as well as the blockchain designers. It will definitely ensure that hardware-based security systems are built in an easier and faster way.

According to Infineon Technologies’ Senior Principal Security Chip Architecture Stefan Rueping, “The success of the blockchain system hinges on securing user interaction with the distributed database. Infineon’s Blockchain Security 2Go starter kit allows to quickly develop convenient access solutions based on security tokens or embedded security chips that significantly increase security level and trust. Both are fundamental for successful adoption of blockchain based services.”

The starter kit from Infineon comprises five NFC smart cards. These cards work on the basis of the security controller of Infineon with blockchain crypto features for different blockchains. The kit also provides an additional open source Android-based app for Smart Contract and Ethereum examples.  With the help of these NFC smart cards, the designers of the blockchain system can easily add hardware-based security.

The Security 2Go starter kit from Infineon also helps the designers to create first blockchain application prototypes quickly. Irrespective of whether the security tokens are dongles, mobile devices solutions or smart cards, they allow the users to generate their unique private and public key pairs, sign data, authenticate with a PIN, and conduct digital transactions, reported New Electronics.

It is possible to store all the credentials of the user in the security controller thereby protecting them from remote attacks on software or the micro-architecture. The security controller also protects the credentials from physical attacks in the case the token is lost or is stolen.

According to ELE Times, Infineon Technologies will present its 2Go starter kit at a leading event meant for digital transactions –TRUSTSECH. The event will take place between 27 and 29 November in Cannes. The company plans to make the kit available in the market by the first quarter of 2019.

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