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TheCurrencyAnalytics Comes Up With Best ICO List In Crypto World

The Currency Analytics came up with the list of 5 best ICO in order to help the uninitiated as well as the seasoned crypto investors in the current crypto space. Meanwhile, Zerocoin is also showing a lot of potential as a promising ICO for long-term investment.

All the top ICOs recommended by the agency have managed to amaze the ICO commentators with their unique and outstanding ideas that have the potential to take the crypto space to a new height altogether.

All these Initial Coin Offerings have been chosen on the basis of criteria like an in-depth evaluation process and their promise in triggering a revolutionary transition according to the crypto news portal. Mr. Sydney Ifergan, TheCurrencyAnalytics’chief spokesperson and leading ICO pundit shared that they are thrilled to reveal their top pick pertaining to the ICOs for September.

Ifergan added that the increasing popularity of digital currencies has resulted in the mushrooming of innumerable Initial Coin Offerings and yet all are “hardly up to the mark.” He further mentioned that the ICOs recommended by them are safe, as well as, lead futuristic concepts so that the world becomes more convenient and better to live in. Incidentally, the list of 5 best ICO for the month of September as recommended by TheCurrencyAnalytics are Ingotcoin , WPP Energy, Playgame , Decoin, and Geebaaccording to Financial Report.

Zerocoin – A Promising ICO For Long-Term Investment

In other news, Zerocoin has emerged as a promising digital currency in the crypto exchange market. The online gambling platform has started a kind of revolution and is quite distinct from the traditional casinos.

Instead of earning through the money being lost by the other gamblers, earning is made by the continuous increase in the coin’s value. It is perceived that many online casinos may start using the new Zerocoin currency soon.

Perceived by some pundits to be the best ICO pertaining to the online casinos, it is live for another 50 days and gives the investors an opportunity to buy some coins. According to the prevailing trend, Zerocoin’s price may touch 2 USD by 2023, making it an excellent choice for long-term investment in the crypto segment, newsBTC reported.



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