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The Crowd Announces a New Platform to Find, Filter and Fund Promising New Business Ideas from Around the World More Efficiently Than Ever Before

January 17, 2019 – Chicago, IL – The Crowd – is a newly launched app that enables virtually anyone on earth to invest in new business ideas by eliminating the existing barriers between entrepreneurs and people with the resources to support them.  Regardless of circumstance, entrepreneurs are exclusively judged on the quality of their thinking and their ability to execute. The Crowd’s platform also allows virtually anyone to invest in entrepreneurs and ideas they believe can make a difference.

Bob Hellman, Former President, Stanford DAPER Investment Fund, Palo Alto, California states: “The Crowd slashes the time and cost of finding amazing new business ideas, and for people with great ideas but previously without access to resources, they are now allowed into the game. I and other like-minded investors will be looking for the best new ideas coming out of The Crowd. A new paradigm has arrived.”

Bill Johnson, Former Global Deputy and Americas Head of Asset Management at Credit Suisse, New York, NY: “The Crowd levels the playing field so that everyone on earth has equal access to a global network of investors. It’s no longer about who you know; now it’s only about the quality of your thinking, and your ability to perform. Step onstage and show the world what you have to offer, everyone is waiting to meet you.”

Anyone can use The Crowd:

  • Simply download “The Crowd App” from the App Store, or from Google Play
  • Set Your Preferences on the App to See The Kinds of Entrepreneurs and Ideas That Are of Interest
  • Each Day Based on your Preferences, Relevant 60 Second Pitch Videos are Delivered to Your Phone
  • Swipe Right on the Pitches Videos You Like and Directly Engage, or Swipe Left to Move on
The Crowd is built around five core principals:
  • Impartial: The Crowd is all about the quality of your ideas and your ability to execute, regardless of your connections, background or location.
  • Accessible: You don’t need to “know the right people” anymore. Whether you are looking to invest or looking to create, anyone can find what they are looking for on The Crowd.
  • Efficient: The Crowd offers a platform without gatekeepers. New ideas are sent straight to the people with an interest in seeing them and the resources to support them. The wisdom of The Crowd will decide if the new idea is a hit, or needs more polishing.
  • Valuable: Ideas are humanity’s best and most renewable natural resource. The Crowd will create a space for ideas to grow and flourish by saving them from dying due to lack of resources. This growth of valuable ideas will help improve the quality of life for all of us.
  • Targeted: No race, religion, age, gender, orientation, educational level, or geography has a monopoly on creating great new ideas.
Noor Sugrue, Founder of The Crowd: “Historically, funding for new business ideas have been fragmented, inefficient, and expensive. By eliminating the barriers between entrepreneurs and potential investors, The Crowd allows the funding marketplace to become more efficient.  The Crowd will unlock significant hidden value and opportunity in the marketplace and give virtually everyone a chance to own a part of the future.”
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