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Technology Startup Fluree To Bring Blockchain Immutability To Database

Fluree is a North Carolina-based technology startup who wants to bring the blockchain immutability to a database. The startup has secured $4.7 million in a seed funding round. Bringing this blockchain immutability to the database is the main purpose of securing the funds. 4490 ventures is a Venture Capital & Private Equity who led the funding round. Revolution’s Rise of the Rest Seed Fund​ took part in the funding round.

The combination of the blockchain and graph database is explained for providing a new way of thinking related to data storage and data querying.

Brian Platz is the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) and the co-founder of the North Carolina-based technology startup Fluree who said, “The real benefits it provides is immense integrity around the data, so you can prove it has never been tampered with, who put it in there, etc., something you can’t do with current databases or other data management technologies.”

He added, “It has the ability to make the data immensely collaborative by allowing multiple parties to actually interact with it and improve security,  and it really allows you, especially with how we’ve organized our database, to get better leverage out of the data.”

The Venture Capital & Private Equity 4490 ventures was founded in the year 2014. It is located in Madison, Wisconsin. It has an understanding of the early-stage technology venture capital investing craft, according to the official LinkedIn account of 4490 ventures.

Fluree is actually located in Winston Salem, North Carolina, the United States (US). It employs 17 people at current. Employees will be increased with new funding soon. It contains a free community edition. It also contains a paid enterprise version, Tech Crunch reported.

The North Carolina-based technology startup Fluree was founded on January 1, 2017. Andrew J. Filipowski and Brian M. Platz are the founders of the startup, according to the Coinbase. 

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